Energy Balancing System

Energy Balancing System

The EB Pro® Energy Balancing System

Energy Balancing System in Murray, Utah: Toxins are everywhere.  They can come from the water we drink, the food we eat, depression, stress or even the air we breathe. We are exposed to these toxins every single day.  Our food supply has been denatured and our air and water have become dangerously polluted. However, there are toxins that we tend to expose ourselves to more commonly throughout our lives that disintegrate our bodies’ optimal function.

How the EB Pro™ Ion Therapy Device Works

The EB Pro® ion therapy device utilizes direct current to create an electromagnetic ionic field in which the patient places their feet in a water and salt mixture to increase energy and the positively charged cellular activity through the attached array.

  • Designed and developed to restore the body’s balance and energy levels through exposure to an ion field.
  • The EB Pro® Ion Therapy Systems are only direct current units to ensure no unwanted power transients or static sounds are passed to the body.
  • Average treatment time is 18-23 minutes.
  • Healthy individuals often feel more energy and experience a greater feeling of well-being.
  • Patients with pain, edema, gout, headaches, and swollen joints have often reported immediate relief.
  • Other patients with arthritis, allergies, lymph edema, neuralgia and other symptoms have experienced relief and benefits with multiple treatments.
  • Manufactured to ISO standards at Erchonia Medical in McKinney, Texas.

During a EB Pro® Foot bath different colors and what look like flecks will come out of the array. The colors can represent a certain toxin or even the area of the body the toxin was taken from. Each foot bath varies from person to person. No two end results will be the same.

For more information on this amazing energy balancing system, call Hill Chiropractic and set up your appointment with Dr. Bryce Hill to utilize the EB Pro® Foot Bath at our office.

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